Kayvaan Shrike

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  • Lead your Raven Guard to war with their Chapter Master
  • Stalk your targets through the shadows…
  • … and cut them down with the lethal Raven’s Talons

Съдържа 1 Kayvaan Shrike за Warhammer 40,000. За повече информация и медия – към страницата на производителя


Steeped in the arts of ambush and hidden assault, Kayvaan Shrike is the Raven Guard’s foremost warrior and leads his Chapter as Master of Shadows. In the course of his long and bloody life, Shrike has brought liberation to many worlds and death to countless enemies.

Dive into the heart of battle with the Chapter Master of the Raven Guard. Despite the preeminence of his rank, he prefers to be at the forefront of battle, leading his brothers, taking out enemy characters with his special pistol, Blackout, or slicing apart the enemy with the Raven’s Talons – a unique set of lightning claws.