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  • Lead your Iron Hands into battle with the honoured Iron Father
  • Blast your foes apart at range with Gorgon’s Wrath…
  • …or chop off more than just hands with Harrowhand

Съдържа 1 Feirros за Warhammer 40,000. За повече информация и медия – към страницата на производителя

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No living Iron Hand can recall a time when Feirros’ sardonic tones did not grace the Iron Council. Nor does any remember another wielding the axe Harrowhand during their Rite of Severance – the lopping of the left hand so that an augmetic fist may take its place is the moment in which a recruit truly becomes an Iron Hand.

Armed with the unique ranged weapon Gorgon’s Wrath, Iron Father Feirros can blast apart enemies at range or cut them to pieces in combat with the devastating weapon Harrowhand. Feirros is a beautiful centrepiece for your Iron Hands army, covered as he is with the masterwork bionics so beloved of the sons of Medusa.