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Кутията съдържа 24 миниатюри за Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. За повече информация към страницата на производителя

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Diminutive but deadly, the Skinks of the seraphon are deceptively fast skirmishers who wield a surprising level of power. Communicating in chirps and clicks, they co-ordinate their strikes with an impressive synchronicity, opportunistically attacking and darting back into cover before the enemy can react.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you the components needed to assemble twenty-four Skinks. Some carry meteoric javelins and star-bucklers, some shoot forth crackling projectiles from boltspitters, and others fight up close with moonstone clubs; plenty of variety to choose from! One model can be optionally assembled as an Alpha. 132 components in total, with twenty-four Citadel 25mm Round bases.