Pre-Order Battleforce: Adeptus Custodes – Watchers of The Gate

333.33 лв. 300.00 лв.

Кутията съдържа 22 миниатюри за Warhammer: 40,000.





The Adeptus Custodes are the most magnificent of the Emperor’s warriors, sworn to protect the Throneworld from rebels, invaders, and anyone looking to open their presents early. This Battleforce puts the peerless Captain-General Trajann Valoris at the head of a powerful cadre comprising three Vertus Praetors on Dawneagle Jetbikes (which can also build a Shield Captain) and three indomitable Allarus Custodians (which can also build a Shield-Captain and a Vexilus Praetor). The bulk of this unbreakable force is made up of 15 Custodian Guard, which also have options to build Shield Captains and Vexilus Praetors.