Pre-Order Battleforce: Adepta Sororitas – Sanctorum Guard

333.33 лв. 300.00 лв.

Кутията съдържа 23 миниатюри за Warhammer: 40,000.



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Morvenn Vahl was never content with helming the Sisters of Battle from the safety of Holy Terra, and this Battleforce puts her at the head of a suitably zealous force of crusading Sororitas, out to punish those on the God-Emperor’s naughty list. Backing her up are six mighty Paragon Warsuits and five elite Celestian Sacresants with unbreakable shields. No Sororitas force is complete without a Battle Sisters Squad (which can also be built as Celestians or Dominions) for holding the line while warsuited battle nuns unleash hell.