Draft Booster – New Capenna

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  • 15 cards per booster

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Streets of New Capenna is set in a new plane, the sprawling metropolis of, you guessed it, New Capenna. Each of the five families that vie for strength – and profits – in New Capenna take more than just one or two colours. Family means business in this city, and being aligned with dealmakers and muscle looking out for you can make all the difference when there are four more families ready to take you out.

With wealth and power comes luxury, as the families of New Capenna can show off all three with beautiful locales to host their efforts – legal and otherwise. Borderless and skyscraper treatments are just a taste of the beauty and style you’ll discover. And you’ll want to be with a family to take advantage of what they offer. Each family you can choose between has their own plan to be on top – where will your allegiances lie?