Dark Angels Master Lazarus

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  • A unique HQ choice for the Dark Angels Faction
  • Captain of the Dark Angels 5th Company
  • Can alternatively be assembled as a Primaris Captain for the Dark Angels or their successor Chapters

Съдържа 1 Deathwing Dark Angels Master Lazarus за Warhammer 40,000. За повече информация и медия – към страницата на производителя


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Lazarus is a magnificent warrior, welding Enmity’s Edge with all the martial skill expected of the Dark Angels. Known throughout the Chapter for his cool demeanour, it is only when fighting enemy sorcerers that his composure fades in any way. He has seen many battle-brothers fall to the evils of the warp and delivers every strike against enemy psykers all the harder in tribute to the lost, whose names he chants as he fights to invoke their memory and inspire himself to courageous deeds.